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A 50-page starter to help people make connections between technology, policy, academia and community and understand the field of public interest technology in a more holistic way.

Defining your Public Interest Technology Path

We don’t talk enough about the public interest technology space and the people that work within it. There are a lot of stories out there about how technology can be used for good, both on a systems level as well as topic-specific solutions, but there isn't a lot about the people behind these projects.

The field of public interest technology is widely under discussed, making it harder for technologists, academics and everyday citizens who may have an interest or calling towards public interest issues, harder to find their path or build a network within this space. 


Technologists with Social Impact: Defining your Public Interest Technology Path is focused on what it takes for individuals to take on a public interest technologist identity and, even, career in this space.

We contacted our 16 guests from across the globe, in a variety of roles ranging from the US Federal government employees to urban health data technologists to a mother-led educational technology founder, all of whom took time out of their busy schedules to share their unique motivations for serving the public interest.

We want to start a conversation with you

There isn't one single path to becoming a public interest technologist or building up your platform - we want to hear your stories and experiences in this space.

Please use #PubinTech and #TwSI over Twitter and LinkedIn so that we can stay connected.

About PubinTech:

PubinTech is an initiative by Daniel Akinola-Odusola and Hiba Ganta which is dedicated to empowering public interest technologists to join projects with social impact.

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What you can expect:

The DNA Framework
A framework to help technologists develop tangible strategies towards developing their credibility, network, and platform within the public interest space.
Interviews with leading figures
Inspiring experiences and perspectives on what the journey of a public interest technologist looks like
Practical advice
Action-oriented and focused on equipping you with the tools and right mindset to elevate the public interest work you're involved in

Technologists with Social Impact

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